Digital Transformation

Whether you are preparing for, undergoing, or have just been through a transformation, we can assist at every point in the project lifecycle.

Any change is hard but digital transformation comes with its own set of pitfalls and challenges. There are many ways to execute digital transformation and there is no one-size-fits-all approach and we will work with you to establish the most appropriate operating model that works best for your organisation.

How TORI can help

  • Undertaking reviews of existing Platform and Architecture and benchmarking them against the competition and industry trends
  • Developing a holistic cloud and Application Transformation and Migration Management strategy
  • Assessing whether your application rationalisation programme is fit for purpose and fully optimises the technology deployed
  • Reviewing in flight technology programmes to provide oversight, health-check and progress reports and cost optimisation / budget control
  • Providing turnkey Technology Consulting & Delivery services for new IT or Digital Programmes
  • Managing the development and build of bespoke software and system solutions
  • Highlighting business insights through advanced BI & Data Analytics 
  • Providing subject matter experts (SMEs) and building dedicated teams and expertise for UX Engineering projects


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