Boris and his ability to still lead a country, even during ill-health and beyond

As we eagerly await the government’s announcement on the review of restrictions and a plan for the economic restart, how would this challenge the government’s culture and ability to endure and remain cohesive in such an unprecedented time?

Regardless of political persuasion, one thing we need is strong leadership during times of uncertainty. Effective leadership ensures the team are focused, energised and aligned to effectively manage the delivery of the defined strategy. That includes putting processes and procedures in place that were not previously required to support business and new ways of working. Additionally, any unplanned absence is really a true test of any leadership team, that can be evidenced by continuous delivery without disruption. 

With COVID19 creating such a detrimental effect on each and every organisation, we all need to follow the governments approach and continue to follow their instructions. Typically, during a crisis, employees (and external stakeholders) will look to the leadership for confidence, care and compassion in navigating the organisation into the future. Ensuring that all employees are aligned to a defined vision, set of values and organisational behaviour is a necessity, as every interaction can shape how an employee (or external stakeholder) views your company, culture and brand. Achieving that alignment under lockdown is currently the centrepiece of most team maintenance and communication efforts.

As a leader you need to be able to listen objectively and compassionately to internal and external stakeholders, to manage your own reactions and thought processes, and to effectively pull together a collaborative and focused team, whilst delivering a clear, consistent and considered message that builds trust, engagement and loyalty. All of which needs to be supported by a clear and transparent plan that outlines the rationale behind the decisions and gives your management a clear outcome as to what success looks like. Whether you consider it good/bad, right/wrong…this is the approach currently adopted by the Government for the daily briefings to the media.

Developing cultures of accountability is critical to achieving this balance is what we at TORI consider to be integral to the ‘Leadership and organisational development’ strategy for the organisation; an example of our work is illustrated in these two case studies; Global Management Training at One of Europe's Largest Banks and Developing Leadership at a Leading Investment bank


TORI are trusted advisors to C-suite and senior management executives and can work with you as an individual, or with your team, to help you initiate and lead change. We will help you to engage effectively at all levels so that you achieve the alignment and commitment you need: we can help you to drive your vision and values through your people management processes and organisation development agenda and effective drive sustainable change that helps your organisation execute its defined outcomes and goals.

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