Reducing Outsourcing Costs for a European Retail Bank

TORI led the task force to improve governance processes including formal initiation and justification of new initiatives and clear communication of progress. TORI placed an Engagement Director to work alongside the Task Force to identify new opportunities, support initiatives, identify relevant SMEs where appropriate and to facilitate any necessary external resourcing.

The results:

A TORI specialist partner was appointed to identify performance improvement and cost reduction opportunities. Savings were identified in system parameters, application and infrastructure code, database access routines and many runtime parameters. Other changes were made to system housekeeping and application scheduling. Stretch target saves were achieved, and provided the European Retail Bank with a return on investment of over 300% based solely on first year savings. Our specialist partner was subsequently retained to further reduce mainframe consumption, as well as review the DASD storage tiers, mid-range Tape consumption reviews from some key mid-range applications. The results over two years showed savings greater than €10m in year one and greater than €15m in year two.