Supplier Governance

Client Challenge:

Our client had recently changed its infrastructure provider following a long-term relationship with a previous supplier. Inevitably changes in personnel, operating process and method, combined with a greater need for control and compliance from the regulator meant they would need to implement a complete supplier governance model.

What we did:

  • Detailed analysis of the contract was undertaken to understand:
  1. The overall obligations for both parties
  2. The governance and reporting requirements in the schedules
  3. SLA requirements and credit calculation
  • Engaged with the client team to provide support and coaching in their roles
  • Engaged with our client’s supplier to instruct them on how our client would like to run governance
  • Created and embedded repeatable operating processes
  • Ran the first phases of governance to support the client in running it
  • Created governance site for documentation and processes


  • Operational governance for:
  1. Contract Change Management
  2. Risk & Issue Management
  3. Structured Governance Meetings
  4. Tracking of the Reporting
  5. Obligation Tracking Methodology
  6. Overall Measurement of Performance
  • A single repository for the overall management of the supplier, saving considerable effort in gathering evidence for the audit inspection
  • Allowed our client to pass an audit with a clear framework of control in place