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Effective Controls

Ensuring an effective control environment is a vital component of a strong operating model. Using technology can power new ways of delivering control, but transparency about key controls and their operation is a crucial first step.

What are the challenges you face?​​

  • How can we integrate agile delivery with traditional financial budgeting and accounting cycles?
  • How can we measure the success of our efforts to innovate? ​
  • How can we change our customers’ perception of the service we deliver? ​
  • How do we incentivise and compensate? ​
  • How do we compare to our competitors and will this impact our ability to attract and retain talent?


How TORI can help...

  • To ensure that you have the right people with the right tools to do the job, TORI offer Leadership Coaching, Capabilities Assessment (inc. baselining), Talent Acquisition and Retention services, all through a digital lens.​
  • To ensure your company has the right culture in place to deal with significant change, TORI offer change simulation and motivation frameworks.
  • Investment in technology will not bear fruit unless it is underpinned by effective processes, governance and ways of working. TORI offer Governance Assessments, Process Reviews and Agile Coaching to ensure that firms are realising their full investment in people and technology.

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