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Complex and New Risks

The ever-changing risk landscape in Financial Services presents a significant challenge in keeping risk mitigation practices up-to-date.

What are the challenges you face?​​

  • How do I keep up-to-date with the ever-changing financial crime environment and the new risks that I face?​
  • How do I ensure my AFC mechanisms are robust and effective?​
  • How do I protect client assets and client money?​
  • How do I ensure my CASS environment will pass its annual audit?​
  • How do I ensure I fully and completely deliver key regulatory changes?​
  • How do I recover a stalled or failing change initiative?​


How TORI can help…​​

  • We work with clients to provide innovative solutions for responding to Financial Crime incidents, remediating past deficiencies, developing enhanced operating models, and optimising transaction monitoring systems.​
  • We carry out reviews of client money and assets arrangements, including risk mapping, polices and procedures and reconciliation and break management. We help clients prepare for CASS audits and we support CASS remediation activities.​
  • We help clients design, deliver and manage regulatory change programmes. And we carry out assurance of “must do” programmes or projects.​

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