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IT Optimisation

Ensuring your technology is fit-for-purpose and you have robust cost-management processes in place is crucial to your success.

What are the challenges you face?​

  • Are we paying too much for our current rates of consumption? ​
  • Which infrastructure models are right for my business? ​
  • How do I reduce / prevent ‘shadow IT’ from forming?​
  • Have we got the most appropriate software/hardware licenses?​
  • How might I reduce my technical debt?  ​
  • How could we improve service level obligations?​


How TORI can help…​

  • Technical debt can have a crippling affect on businesses if left unchecked. TORI have a track record in helping firms reduce technical debt by providing a thorough assessment of current expenditure and identify possible synergies.​
  • TORI can help you reduce the costs of IT by conducting a pan-IT assessment to highlight cost reduction possibilities. This can include a review of your current suppliers in areas such as storage, hardware and desktop support.​
  • In order to further optimise one’s technology, TORI undertake a thorough review of your service contracts, SLAs and software/hardware licenses to ensure that you’re getting the most out of them and identify possible savings. ​

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